15 Cops securing Sunny Leone’s Hoarding

15 Cops securing Sunny Leone's Hoarding
Sufficient Security is an absolute necessity for somebody like Sunny Leone at whatever point she ventures out. Or the consequences will be severe, She could experience an issue either due to her fans or haters. Presently, The news of security plans being improved the situation the Porn Star’s accumulating is raising many eye-foreheads. 
Radiant Leone included in a disputable Condom Ad. This business was outlined in light of the Garba Dance Form performed amid Dussehra. A gigantic storing of the same was organized in Surat, Gujarat. 
Challenges emitted over the idea decided for the Condom Commercial. Local people have requested quick evacuation of the Ad and Hoarding for harming their estimations. To keep any untoward episodes, As numerous as 15 police work force were sent close to the storing. Nearby Youth were jabbing fun at the cops saying there can’t be a superior blessing than directing the obligation to secure Sunny Leone’s benefits.